meet sarah

I’d rather be hot than cold
I hate cooking but I love eating
I frequent Chipotle weekly
chocolate chip cookies are the cookie
the beatles are forever my #1
Guac & french fries > Pizza
lady gaga is my idol
starbucks > dunks (don’t tell boston)
the beach and sangria = my heaven

take me back!

my handsome fur baby linus

click here to see some of my nail art!

chocolate chip cookies = life

i get extreme celeb crushes...

and end up spending hours watching as many interviews with them as possible on YouTube...
My current ones are Shawn Mendes, and a reignited Penn Badgley crush because of "You." Which then had me rewatching "Gossip Girl." 

I'm addicted to concerts

It’s not a budget friendly addiction.
If my list is accurate, I’ve been to 107 concerts so far.

I am inspired by people who
are unapologetically their
authentic selves

Lady Gaga, Jonathan Van Ness, Beyoncé, Freddie Murcury,
Jennifer Lawrence, John Lennon, Gal Gadot, David Bowie...

if i were a teenager in 1964,
i absolutely would have been SCREAMING at the top of my lungs chasing the beatles
everywhere they went.

Ok even if I was an adult in 1964. I love The Beatles.

I love a david attenborough
nature documentary.

I cannot help but narrate the animals myself.

More often than not I'm talking to the dog before acknowledging that the owner even exists.

And the hooman definitely thinks I'm crazy...

i don't like fall nearly as much as every other new englander

To me it just means winter is coming.
Summer all day everyday.
Though I do love me some Game of Thrones...

i'm not that into pizza

Why is everyone so obsessed with pizza lately?
Judge me, it's fine. Feed me french fries instead please and thank you.
Or guac. All the guac.

I need sunglasses on my face pretty much at all times. If it’s raining it’s probably still too bright.

Is this a light eye color problem? Does anyone else have this problem? Please send help. Good thing sunglasses look cool.

if i'm wearing socks, 96% of
the time they don't match

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