ESHA!! Can we just talk about Esha’s eyes for a minute? I can’t get over them, they are gorgeous 😍

Esha’s senior session was kind of crazy. We got rained on…twice! We were back and forth all day on whether to reschedule or not, and finally we decided to go for it because it said only 20% chance of rain the closer we got to our start time. Totally thought we were in the clear! We got maybe 5 minutes in before it started sprinkling, then absolutely pouring 😩

Lucky for me, before the rain, Esha nailed everything I told her to do and we got a good chunk of photos out of it. Then we tried to sit it out in our cars, but it didn’t seem to be slowing down.

We decided (via texting from our cars) to drive to a location in our hometown hoping the rain hadn’t started there yet. It was getting gray but no rain! Same thing though, walked up the hill, got about 5 minutes in and it started sprinkling again, then poured. Yet again got some great images though.

Esha slayed and was such a trooper and we both walked back to our cars soaking wet. Definitely a session for the books.

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