Carleigh & Matt

My heart is pounding. It’s cloudy. And drizzly. And I’m a little chilly. I see them walking hand in and hand. I cannot miss these shots and I have no clue where it’s going to happen. Matt has no clue where he was going to do it. So I casually stalk Matt & Carleigh, and see them taking selfies from afar by the water. I see Matt slowly reach into his back pocket AND I BOOK IT! I veer around a family that was probably so confused as to why I was running towards them and just start snapping photos. Ahhh just in time and this is too cute! I LOVE THIS!! SHE SAID YES!! AHHH!!

It’s mid October in Salem, MA and it is buzzing with Halloween lovers. If you’re a Mass-hole and dislike traffic, or Halloween you know not to be anywhere near Salem in October. BUT! If you’re in Salem to photograph a surprise proposal, YOU ARE PUMPED, and you get there early! (And manage to get a free parking spot right before the lot you found is getting  blocked off to charge tourists. SCORE!)

I dragged the boyfriend along since I don’t know Salem super well, and I don’t like the scary parts of Halloween. (Yet, I’ve started watching Stranger Things…and not sleeping) Proposals are hard timing wise. You have to be patient because your client can’t rush their partner, or they’ll get suspicious. So we found the cute little Derby Wharf Lighthouse where Matt was planning to propose and hung out on the rocks in the on and off rain. Skipping rocks and taking selfies and petting the teeniest Cavalier King Charles rescued puppy I’ve ever seen in my life. And just people watching. Salem in October is the best people watching.

Eventually I get the text that Matt & Carleigh are on their way! As well as a sneaky photo of Carleigh’s outfit so I know what to look for. I just stare down the looonnnggg pathway to the lighthouse until I finally see some olive green with white arms. Ok ok I’m nervous now.

After Carleigh said yes, we had a little mini engagement session at the lighthouse, then wandered into the insanity of downtown Salem for a few shots. Carleigh and Matt are from Connecticut but visit Salem every October because they love Halloween! It was perfect proposal spot for them. So thrilled I got to photograph these two!

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