Picture a teenage boy, all dressed up, carrying a sweater on a clothes hanger over his shoulder, walking along the side of a sidewalk-less semi-busy road in the middle of a farm town. Now picture me, standing on a rock, looking for Craig while every driver going by stares at me. This is what happened when I thought parking on the side of the road would make more sense than parking in a parking lot…FAIL.
There is a big field that I drive by pretty regularly that I had been wanting to shoot in for a while now. It has a parking lot, but on the total opposite side of where I wanted to shoot. So I thought I would try and make it easier for Craig and give him the rough address of the spot on the side of the road that I was planning to park on so we could avoid more walking than necessary.
Well, Craig got lost, parked in the parking lot, and walked 15 minutes down the wrong trail. GAH. I didn’t realize there were multiple trails from the lot. Whoooops. Eventually I dropped a pin to my location and stood on a rock looking for his car. Turns out he decided to walk and I was cracking up at the sight of him walking down the street all dressed up. Luckily, Craig is my second cousin, not a total stranger, so my location experiment situation was hysterical.
In the end, we successfully finished the shoot, and I drove Craig back to the parking lot, where I will now just park in myself. Lesson learned.
Did I mention Craig is a baseball player, is super nice, and casually wants to work for NASA…

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