Own Your Bod Babe! Body Positivity Movement

Why is it so easy to tell your girlfriend she’s flawless and obviously Beyoncé’s long lost twin? But then look in the mirror and be like “uuggghhhhh” while poking your belly?! My girl Amanda over at Prim & Propah has inspired me to post about Body Positivity and join her #ownyourbodbabe movement. Go check out the hashtag on Instagram!

It’s time to change that voice in our heads and love ourselves. Think positively about ourselves. I’ve always loved my legs. Even more so once I started running. Like, damn legs, I didn’t realize you could run that far. They’ve taken me on a 19 mile, 2 peak hike, they’ve hiked Katahdin, and they f*cking love to dance. Maybe they need names. What should I name my legs? I got some great responses over on Instagram. “Chipotlegs” was my personal favorite.

Check out the photos I took of the gorgeous Amanda from the shoot we had. She’s so kind, supportive and always rocks awesome hair colors! Then scroll to the end for my make-up free/untouched photo for the movement!

Babe, own your bod! What do you love about yourself?


Body Positivity Body Positivity

Body Positivity

Body Positivity

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