I’m Gonna Be An Auntie!!

AGAIN! My brother, Allan and his wife, Caitlyn are expecting their first little beebbb! I’m so happy for them! And so are their doggos obviously! So naturally we had to have a little baby announcement photoshoot with the future big sister, Nellie & big brother, Finn. Allan and Caitlyn have been married for 2 years already! They’ve got 2 cats, and 2 dogs so they’re bringing this little one into an already full house. In fact, Caitlyn started thinking she might be pregnant when her female dog Nellie started acting like a stage 5 clinger. That alone just makes my heart melt. We really don’t deserve dogs.

Allan & Caitlyn told us the exciting news at the beginning of January, and weirdly enough, my mom just had a feeling. They officially made the announcement to everyone yesterday, but we told the extended family on Super Bowl Sunday. A bunch of my mom’s family was going to be there so it just made sense. Caitlyn bought a shirt that said “Sorry I’m Late, I’m Pregnant” and wore a vest over it. No one had a clue, so in the middle of having a conversation with my grandmother, she unzipped her vest and my grandmother’s jaw dropped and she even teared up! (She’s not usually very emotional) Caitlyn turned around and everyone cheered, it was super cute.

I’m so excited to add to my growing collection of nieces and nephews (lol). And I can’t wait to take millions of photos of the new Surette baby.

Baby Announcement Baby Announcement Baby Announcement Baby Announcement Baby Announcement Baby Announcement

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