What Is Bright & Airy Photography?

What is Natural Light, Bright & Airy Photography?

This means I try to create images that look brightly lit with a light and airy feel to them. Think flowy and dreamy and joyful, while only using natural light. So…the sun! I’m sure you knew that though. You’re smahht!

This is my favorite style, so shooting outside as much as possible is ideal for me to achieve this look. Even if that means we need cute umbrellas! But cross your fingers that we won’t.

When I’m indoors I’m always looking for big windows and clean white rooms. But don’t worry. I use flash when I need to. Like during your epic dance party. 

What will the background look like?

I’m always looking for light, clean backgrounds for my images. This girl LOVES a white wall. Or a big open field, or a beach! My favorite locations usually involve a clean light background, or a gorgeous view of the sunset for some epic backlighting. Not necessarily for gorgeous sky colors. I want your skin to look stunning. Not the sky. Sorry sky, love you mean it.

Lighting is always my top priority!

When I’m looking for photo spots, I’m following the sun. If there is a really cool mountain view or a bridge you like, unfortunately it doesn’t matter much if it’s in bad light. But I’m here to photograph YOU right? Not the mountains. I want YOU to look your best. But I’ll do everything I can to get you in front of those mountains when they’re well lit.

What else do you want to know about Natural Light, Bright & Airy Photography?

Bright & Airy Photography Bright & Airy Photography Bright & Airy Photography

Bright & Airy Photography Bright & Airy Photography Bright & Airy Photography Bright & Airy Photography

Bright & Airy Photography

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