Marblehead Engagement Photos with an Epic Tale

Paul and Nick are an online dating success story! I was so excited when they reached out to me to capture their engagement session. Although, the story of getting this shoot to happen is an epic tale full of thunderstorms, hotel rooms, reschedules, location fees, and most importantly dogs…and champagne. 

Boston North Shore Engagement Photographer

When Paul & Nick booked their session I gave them a date, and a rain date, which worked out to be one day after the other. They couldn’t decide on a location so he asked if both days end up being nice weather, could they do 2 sessions – of course! We decided to do World’s End in Hingham on the first day because they charge a fee, and then Castle Rock Park in Marblehead on the second day. Since Paul and Nick live a few hours away, they would need to book a hotel to stay in the area overnight. As the dates approached, the weather wasn’t looking good (shocker this year, I know). Therefore, we chose two new dates because they didn’t want to book a hotel and have it get rained out.

However, when the next two days we chose were approaching the weather looked iffy again. Since they needed to drive to Newport anyway to pick up their marriage license for their elopement we decided to make it work. On the first day, we had thunderstorm warnings, so day two was our only option. Since World’s End only has certain time slots for photography we decided we could do the first shoot there, and we’d still have plenty of light left to do their second shoot somewhere else in the Hingham area. Castle Rock would be too far to do the same day. Awesome, it’s a plan!

Harborview Marblehead Engagement Photos

On the morning of our session, I woke up to a voicemail from Paul to call ASAP. He tells me they woke up to the news that one of their three dogs took off at home while their friend was dog-sitting for them. So they drove all the way back home to get all 3 dogs and then drove all the way back to Newport with the dogs. Since they still needed to get their marriage license – this was their only option!

Ultimately, we decided World’s End would no longer be a good fit because it’s just too big of a property and they didn’t want to leave the dogs in the car out of sight (with AC on and windows down OF COURSE). Sooo we ended up at Castle Rock Park and Chandler Hovey Park in Marblehead, MA. They loved both locations and we decided everything happened just as it was supposed to. Plus – I got to meet all 3 dogs!

I had such a good time with Paul and Nick! They’re such a cute couple and they really rolled with the punches to make these Marblehead engagement photos happen. We got an epic sunset over the harbor and they brought a super cute picnic complete with a blanket, pillow, champagne, and strawberries for the end of the session. So adorable! 

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