Ann, Brooke & Kate

I loved this shoot. I realize that these goofs are my cousins, so I think they’re extra cute, but look at these girls! They’re the best!

We took some nice, normal, lovely, family pictures. Then Brooke had the brilliant idea to hang from a tree, and the photos just got sillier from there. They look like little monkeys, and piggy back rides happened and sisterly fun. Silly kid photos are my favorite!

Sisterhood in a nutshell…hahaha

Sisterhood in a nutshell…hahaha

Brooke's genius tree hanging idea!

Brooke’s genius tree hanging idea!

Katelyn’s face in the first image says it all…”I am not jumping.”

Briefly serious again.

Briefly serious again.

My favorite!

My favorite!

  1. Rob aka Daddy says:

    Great pictures of the girls. You really captured their fun loving spirits.

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