Emily & Ronnie’s Baby Announcement

So apparently baby announcement shoots with doggos are my new thing and I am not mad about about it! The day I posted photos that my brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first baby, Emily sent me a message congratulating me. And then asking if I’d want to do a similar shoot for her the next weekend! Ahhh! Obviously I was down, especially since we’ve been meaning to get together for photos for a while now, and I had yet to meet their adorable pup, Chupy! (Yes, he has an Instagram) But I was mostly excited that their expecting! And a late July baby, like me!

We picked a perfect little park in Newton near Emily & Ronnie’s house. The sun was setting perfectly and there was some fresh snow from the day before. Super pretty, but of course some guy had his cute little dog off leash which was super distracting for Chupy. He was a good boy though and we got the shots we needed. Then ANOTHER unleashed, owner-free lab came to play. That’s what Chupy is looking at in most of these photos, lol.

Emily and Ronnie just took off to California to enjoy their “Baby-Moon” together. I’m so happy for you guys!


Baby Announcement Baby Announcement Baby Announcement Baby Announcement Baby Announcement Baby Announcement

Baby Announcement

Chupy’s side eye here cracks me up!

Baby Announcement

  1. Alyssa says:

    AHH these are so adorable! The sun and the snow and the puppy and that couple and that news……… all so perfect!

  2. Qian says:

    What a cute couple! And the pet is always first baby. Haha

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