Rainy Senior Photo Session: Sarah by Sarah Surette Photography



Sarah S! Another AP Art Student! I love this class and I’m not even in it. I’ve actually photographed Sarah before!

I literally checked the weather 3 times the day of Sarah’s shoot and it looked beautiful. But of course a big gray cloud rolled in the second we got to the location. Luckily I always have clear umbrellas in my car, so we made it work. I actually love some of these umbrella shots. A rainy senior photo can be a win sometimes!

We share a name so obviously she’s awesome, and she’s a dancer! I was a dancer in high school too! One plus to photographing a dancer is she knows what it means to “spot” when I asked her to twirl for me. And I made her leap. She obviously likes art, photography and enjoys making music videos for fun. I totally used to attempt to do that as a kid but I didn’t have a recording device…I’m beginning to think we’re long lost twins. But like years apart. And obviously I’m a Sarah S. too.

This Sarah’s current goal for college is to major in film! How cool?!

Rainy Senior Photo Rainy Senior Photo Rainy Senior Photo Rainy Senior Photo Rainy Senior Photo

Rainy Senior Photo Rainy Senior Photo

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