This high school senior session was a special one for me because this is my cousin Stephen! I can’t believe he’s a senior already! My mom used to babysit him when he was just a few months old until he was about 3. So he spent a few years of his life growing up with me at my house. However I think I was in high school at the time! He was a super well spoken little kid and has always loved legos and cars. I remember him pointing out a Range Rover in his tiny toddler voice to me at the mall once. I didn’t even know what a Range Rover was, haha!

Before Stephen even had a driver’s license he got a 1990 Chevy something (I know nothing about cars). This car is 12 years older than him! He fixed it all up and reupholstered the ceiling on his own, so of course we had to take photos of him with his truck, and in it. Gotta show off that ceiling! I even let him drive me. It might have only been to the other side of the field but still!

Stephen wants to go to school for industrial design, which totally suits him. Wishing him an awesome senior year and I can’t wait to see him graduate!

High School Senior Boy High School Senior Boy High School Senior Boy High School Senior Boy

High School Senior Boy High School Senior Boy High School Senior Boy High School Senior Boy

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