Going Full Time During Coronavirus

I used to think about the day I would leave my “regular” job, well, daily. I won’t get into details, but I was miserable there, and that place didn’t give me any skills that any other job in my field was looking for. So I felt stuck. But during my time there, my love for photography grew, and I took online courses, and I did things that used to terrify me and I gained confidence and I started my own business. I always loved thinking about telling my boss off one day and just storming out of there like in the movies. Everyone has that daydream, right? But anyone who knows me knows I would probably NEVER actually do that. And I didn’t have to. I got laid off instead.

Not quite the way I envisioned leaving my day job but I don’t think it ever ends up going the way you think it will. I was oddly calm while she told me, I actually felt relieved. I was just thinking “ok, awesome. I’m a full time photographer now. It’s time.” It felt right. How much longer would I have stayed there and been miserable? Probably too long. The Universe just pushed me instead. I needed it.

I will admit though, it’s been hard to celebrate going full time since it wasn’t completely on my terms. I hadn’t reached the financial goal I wanted to reach before leaving, and it’s scary. But I guess it’s always going to be scary. And this was all before the Coronavirus Quarantine. Now it’s really scary. But I’m far from the only person to be recently laid off which, sucks but is oddly comforting. The whole world is scared about everything right now. Not just me! We’re all in a weird scary time, so maybe this timing was actually perfect.

So here we are, I’m officially a full time photographer! I can’t wait to be able to get back outside taking photos of my awesome clients. But until then, cheers from inside my house πŸ₯‚

Full Time Photographer Full Time Photographer Full Time Photographer Full Time Photographer Full Time Photographer

Full Time Photographer

Photos by Alyssa Parker Photography

Sarah Surette is a Natural Light, Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Westford, MA serving all of New England & beyond. Bright & airy images of happy people are my jam. Oh and unicorns, I love unicorns!

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