Playful Gloucester Beach Engagement Photos

Breezy & Hanbo’s Gloucester beach engagement photos were SO. MUCH. FUN! These two were natural in front of the camera and are just so cute together! Breezy has an infectious smile and is just the happiest person! It made for really joyful and natural-looking photos! A coworker had offered to do an engagement session with them before, so this wasn’t their first time in front of the camera. After five minutes, they were just being themselves and doing cute things without even being prompted. 

Fun & Silly Gloucester Beach Engagement Photos

It was an overcast day on Good Harbor Beach which was perfect for me! It means that we can have the water in the background more often without crazy shadows. We started the session on the boardwalk in the grassy area of the beach. After an outfit change, we headed down the beach towards the water and this is where they got super playful! They were spinning, jumping, and Hanbo even asked if they could do the iconic Dirty Dancing lift. I was like, “IF YOU WANT!” He immediately picked her up under her arms. It was epic! 

Their Love Story

Breezy had just been on a few “meh” dates and was about to give up on dating altogether and stand Hanbo up. About 45 minutes before their date, her roommate was like “Uhh, you should probably get dressed!” She didn’t want to at all! She ended up going anyway and was so glad she did! It was one of those dates you never want to end and they immediately hit it off! They got Pad Thai, walked around The Boston Public Garden, and got hot chocolate. That was now five years ago. They made it through med school and law school together and are ready to start their next chapter! 

The Proposal

When Breezy and Hanbo started talking about marriage, Breezy had two requests – that he get on one knee and she wanted to make sure she looked cute! The rest she wanted to be a surprise as much as possible.

One afternoon, she was going to High Tea in Salem with her girlfriends, so naturally, she got all dressed up. They went to get manis together and even though she never gets them, she didn’t think anything of it. He called and suggested he pick her up in Salem and they grab dinner afterwards. She agreed, and they headed to Newburyport, where Breezy grew up, but Hanbo didn’t say where they were going to eat. 

She was still completely unphased and spent the car ride looking through photos of the cute day she just had with her friends. They parked the car and he still won’t say where they are going – just that it’s around the corner. They arrive at a lighthouse restaurant and she’s like here?? They walk up a tiny spiral staircase and she finally puts together what is happening! She immediately rips her jacket off and the hair ties off her wrist to make sure she looks her best!! He gets down and says all the cute things, and she says yes! There was even a go-pro videographer outside the window capturing it too! They ordered steak, but were too excited to eat! Afterward, they celebrated with family and friends. It was the perfect evening! I can’t wait for their big day at the Beauport Hotel in Gloucester!

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