Prescott Park Senior Photos

I’ll never get over these Prescott Park Senior Photos for 2 reasons. One, I love the way they came out! And two, Brooke is my cousin!! I can’t believe she’s already going into her senior year of high school! I used to babysit her and will never forget the time she had a complete meltdown and locked herself in the mudroom when she was maybe 2…because it was week 1 of no binkie. She would scream when I’d try to get her out, good times, hahaha.

Now she’s on her way to becoming future Mrs. Harry Styles (in her dreams at least) and is obsessed with Taylor Swift. I’m going to take credit for that because of the TSwift dance parties I used to have with her and her sister before bed when I would babysit. We even made an August Tik Tok Video at the end of her session since we we’re at the beach and her outfit was perfect.

We ended her shoot in Salisbury but they’re my favorite so they’re first in the post. The rest were at Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH. Such a good spot if you want flowers in your photos!!

Have the best senior year Brooke, I know you have an amazing future ahead of you 🙂

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