Coastal Newport Engagement Session

Lauren and Matt’s Newport engagement session was so much fun! I always love any excuse to visit Newport and was thrilled to capture their engagement photos at the Castle Hill Light House and on Second Beach. 

Their Love Story

Lauren and Matt originally met back in high school. Their two best friends have been dating since high school, so they’ve been in the same friend group for a while. They, however, didn’t start dating until after they graduated college. While on a trip to Ireland (with those best friends) they had their first date during the trip! How cute!

Since Matt was living in Florida at the time and working at Disney their relationship was long-distance for a year or so. Matt is an ex-gymnast and he was playing a monkey in the Lion King show. Lauren eventually joined him in Florida for a few years before they moved back up to New England and bought a house. 

Matt bought a ring for Lauren three months before actually proposing – she had absolutely no idea! He listened really well and took all the hints she ever dropped! He wanted everything to be perfect so he had a hard time deciding when to pop the question. He was going to throw a big party but then decided that was too much. He brought the ring with him out on a few dates but ended up deciding a restaurant was also too much. He wanted to have the ring on him for when the moment felt right. He ended up popping the questions on Christmas morning with just the two of them in their home! 

Newport Engagement Session 

We chose to start their engagement session at Castle Hill Lighthouse in Newport, Rhode Island. These two have done a shoot or two before, so they got into a posing groove pretty easily! We wandered around the grounds of the lighthouse and took in the ocean views. I loved Lauren’s dress! It was so elegant and flowy and it reminded me of Marilyn Monroe a bit.

For the second half of the session, we traveled over to Second Beach in Middletown, also known as Sachuest Beach. They ran in the water a little bit, climbed up on the lifeguard stand, and were all around just adorable. I always ask my clients if they can do a backflip in hopes someone will say yes so I can get a backflip shot. I thought Matt would be my guy being an ex-gymnast but he wouldn’t, hahaha. One day!!

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