Fall Family Session in Concord, MA photographed by Sarah Surette



Hey guys! A little late on this post because I took them back in November I believe, so my niece Lily is almost 5 months old now! Ah! But these were Fall Family/Christmas Card photos so I didn’t want to share them until after Christmas. This is my brother, his wife and my new niece Lily! Can’t forget about big sister Nellie & big brother Finn too. You might remember them from THIS POST when they announced their pregnancy in February 2019. My most pinned pin I might add. So I gotta update the people. Give them what they want ya know?

Everyone is happy and healthy and cute. We all adore Lily and she’s already so much bigger than she is in these photos. She looks exactly like my brother as a baby and she gives the cutest wide open mouth smiles. She’s mesmerized by her doggo siblings and Nellie likes to think Lily’s toys are also her toys. Lily is actually coming on our annual Bar Harbor trip this year, too which will be exciting. I have a feeling all my vacation photos are going to be Lily centered this year, so stay tuned for those this summer.

Fall Family Fall Family Fall Family Fall Family Fall Family Fall Family Fall Family Fall Family Fall Family

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