8 Reasons To Have A First Look

Ahh, the first look. A very controversial topic. I know it’s not for everyone, but I’m going to outline a few reasons why I love a first look!

  1. The reaction! This is one reason I know a lot of guys are anti-first look. They now feel pressured about their reaction to seeing the love of their life for the first time on their wedding day. They think they have to cry or it was pointless! You don’t! Just pretend I’m not there and go with the flow. It’s always a special moment no matter what.
  2. You get to be alone together. Ok well, I’ll be there. But just ignore me. You might not have thought about it, but there likely will not be a single moment of your wedding day where you’ll be alone together.
  3. All the portraits can be done before the ceremony!
  4. It’ll calm your nerves a bit before the ceremony. Seeing each other before you walk down the aisle can really take the pressure off.
  5. Ceremony light is’t usually ideal and it can be hard to get a good reaction shot without standing in the aisle, right up front. The reaction shots you see all over Pinterest are never a guarantee.
  6. If it is super emotional, you can let it all out in a more private moment.
  7. The wedding party can enjoy cocktail hour, and you know they want to! They’ll love you for that! Ok they’ll probably love you either way.
  8. After the ceremony it’s pretty stress-free and fun for the rest of the night!


Fun Fact: The origin of not seeing the bride before the ceremony is not very romantic at all…but it is kind of funny

Should you do one??  I always vote yes 🙂 Especially for late fall and winter weddings when there is less sunlight. But I still completely respect wanting to stick with tradition. A first look still might not be for you, and that’s totally fine! You do you, this is the day you always dreamed of!

First Look First Look First Look

First Look

First Look First Look

First Look

First Look

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